Have you met Stella

Stella is the no nonsense Guv’nor at a neighbourhood pub in
Manchester. A pub where four Schalke fans had the misfortune to walk
into yesterday before attending their team’s away match with
Manchester City.
These characters were out of central casting. That is if the brief had
been for German heavy metal fans. You know the sort – pony tails,
denim jackets and a few nose rings thrown in for good measure.
After choosing a table a finger was wagged in Stella’s direction
accompanied by a gesture which clearly meant drinks for the table.
Stella’s response was priceless.
“We order our drinks at the bar in England mate. You’re not in f**ing
Germany now!”
They received a similarly warm reception at The Etihad where Pep
Guardiola’s team of superstars banged in seven without reply.
City are most likely favourites to win The Champions League along with
every other trophy they are in. Can they really do the quadruple?
After the match Guardiola said it is “incredible for English football”
that there are at least three Premier League teams in the Champions
League quarter-finals.
No doubt he was referring to the Spanish domination of the tournament
over the last decade.
So, three English teams are in the quarter-finals and Liverpool are
looking to join them with a win over Bayern Munich tonight which is
showing live on BT Sport. The German club are favourites to triumph at
around evens with William Hill.

We can’t disagree. The wheels are coming off what looked like a very
promising season at Anfield and the usually composed Jurgen Klopp is
becoming increasingly nuts.
He has blamed the wind and opposition injuries for recent lacklustre
performances and I’m sure he will be very vocal tonight.
Liverpool could end up potless again this season and the men in white
coats may be coming for Herr Klopp.
As for Stella……..
If she was negotiating Brexit it would all be sorted by now.

Matt Stubbs – Football Betting Club

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